About Me

When I was 26 years old, I got my first job in corporate America and I had one goal, earn enough money to provide for my new family. My first son had just been born and I was a strait commission door to door sales person. I needed to get “a real job” so that I could support my new family which ment getting a more reliable vehicle, a more suitable place to stay and money to purchase everything that goes along with being a family man.

After 2 years in my sales roll at the company something happened to me that changed my life forever. At a sales conference one year they played a video that the founder of the company had made. The video was about how the founder had sent his 150ft yacht to the Bahamas to rescue hundreds of dogs that were trapped there after a hurricane with no water.


I realized in that moment that I was in the same meticulously designed trap that my father got caught in with no end in sight.

The founder of the company I worked for had made a major impact in his industry employing 10s of thousands of people and had become fabulously wealthy along the way. He was able to donate 100s of millions to causes he felt passionate about.

In that moment while watching the video I realized that by staying in my great job I would be forfeiting my chance of ever doing the same or better for myself and those around me. There are no W2 employees with 150ft yachts and 100s of millions of dollars to give away.


Wake up call...

I loved what I did for a living and as a top sales person in the company I was earning what anyone would consider great money. A solid mid 6 figure income, full health benefits, 401K match, but I wasn’t living my calling and I was determined to not become another sad retirement statistic used by financial planners to scare people into buying investment products.

I imaged people standing around my deathbed at the end of my life as I slipped in and out of consciousness saying “well he was such a great XYZ company employee.” I imagined the feeling of regret I would have if I had never had the time to travel the world or help others the way I knew I could if I only had the time.


That’s not what I wanted to be remembered for…. That’s not how I wanted to spend my life. I had so much more to give than that.

I needed to solve the money problem and start living out my dreams.


Right then and there I decided I had to figure out how to quit trading my time for money and get my freedom back.


I immediately began to read, watch, and listen to everything that I could get my hands that I though could help me figure out how to replace my w2 income. I went to seminars, webinars and sought out personal mentors that had already accomplished what I wanted to accomplish.


What I found out is information is out there, It’s everywhere.

There are thousands of books written by millionaire to average people telling them how to become millionaires. There are books written on mindset, on money, on time management, parenting, giving, contribution and everything else you could imagine. 

There is so much information some of it aligning and some of it completely contradicting other information…. it’s overwhelming and it can’t all be right .

I also learned that information on its own is useless without application and application is easier said than done. 


It’s not what you know it’s what you consistently do with what you know that brings about change.


My father worked the graveyard shift at a union Job my entire childhood and even into my 30’s. He was finally forced into retirement in his 60s when he could no longer physically do his job.

 I missed out on a lot of “dad time” growing up because my father had to sleep during the day so he could work all night. He never had 2 days off in a row, even on his days off he was in bed by 4:30pm so he could wake up by 12:30. Because we couldn’t afford to live in the city he worked after a long commute often,  he would get home and go straight to bed.

I love my father and I’m extremely grateful for what he did. My father did everything he knew how to do to provide for his family. I admire my father more than words can say for his work ethic and willingness to sacrifice for his family. Because of what he did we never missed a meal and I grew up extremely great full for everything we had.


When my father had to retire after nearly 30 years on the job, he was awarded a pension, that when combined with social security, was enough to barley survive. 


Unfortunately, my father’s story is not uncommon. As a matter of fact, it is typical.

The median household expenses in the united states in 2020 were $63,784 per year.

The average retired person at age 65 has $206,819 in savings. That will last a retiree 3 years and 7 months at a 6% rate of return.

Even if you do 2, 3, or 4, times better than the average person at saving your money, you will most likely have to alter your standard of living dramatically in order to be able to survive your retirement years or be forced to rely on the charity of your family or government.

Take action and start gaining control of your future