This is the 4-step plan I took to achieve financial freedom

Step 1

The first thing I did was get a clear picture of what I wanted my ideal life to look like 10 years down the road.


After a ton of research and study I was able to develop a simple 4 step process that helped me take a foggy unclear dim image of what I wanted long term and turn it into a crystal-clear vibrant vision for my life.

Step 2

I did a full financial assessment and looked at everywhere my money was going. I divided everything down into two categories: things I was spending my money on that I wanted and things I was spending my money on that I needed.

After taking a deep dive into my finances I realized that I needed to be more intentional about how I used my resources. So I developed a budget that consisted of 4 major areas of spending and helped me take control of my finances.

Step 3

I had to investigate how I spent my time, so I decided to track down how I spend my hours and minutes every day.


Then, I reworked my schedule with the intent to free up some time to reinvest in the things that I needed to learn to start living my values and bring me alternative cashflow.

Step 4

I reinvested my extra time and money into things that would bring about the changes I knew were necessary to make my vision of the future a REALITY.

Helping those who want to live the life of their dreams now, take the right steps to making their dreams a reality.

Over the years I have created custom plans for dozens of people. Many of them have double their income whale working less hours. Purchase their first investment property’s, quit their job and start their dream business and much more.


I want to offer you the same experience. 


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The change in my life was dramatic. Once I gained clarity my motivation levels spiked. I woke up inspired to make positive changes in my life. 

I had new found energy and I was excited to do things I had struggled to do in the past like save money and work on myself because I knew I was working on something important and I could track my improvements and progress daily. At age 35 the cashflow form my investments of time and money was enough to replace my monthly cost of living and I had enough money in the bank to continue to give back. The best part is, since I no longer needed my full-time job, I had the freedom to invest my time into the one thing that gets me more excited than anything else. The thing that I’m most passionate about.